Hi.  I am Chelsea.  I have not been here in awhile.  It may be because I work more now and the last thing I want to do when I get home is think or  stare at a computer.  That sounds like complaining but I love the job and am very grateful for it.  Or it could be that we are in “hold” mode for the house right now–navigating financing, budgets, drafting, permits, being our own general contractor, etc. for a little remodel that has us dreaming of knocking down a few walls, adding square footage, replacing all our windows and siding, designing a new kitchen and dining area, adding a mud room, and maybe redoing our bathrooms on a shoestring budget.  But for now, we don’t know what we will be able to do.  (Cross your fingers.)  But life is good and I want to write more on this blog.

So here are the things that have made made life fun lately:


Hanging out with a kid who is obsessed with trucks and who is also potty training.


Boot shopping with Mom.  She is still undecided but these are my favorite.


Having an occasion to wear fancy rain boots.


Hiking the green belt behind Megan’s house.  Beautiful at every time of year.


Encountering God’s creation in pretty ways.


Making valentines for those I love.


Discovering the perfect valentine message for my Valentine.


Discovering that a nice guy I went to high school with was far from “peaking” in high school.


Someone hijacking my phone.


Evenings like this.


Succulents surviving the winter.


A bounty of cabbage.  Want some?


Peppery arugula.


Kale, cooked like this.

Life is good.  We have a lot of fun ahead of us in the coming weeks, with a birthday for me, some very fun visitors coming from Auburn, CA, and SXSW–to watch movies, discover new music, and hosting Sugar for the week.

2 responses to “Update.

  1. Aunt dot / dorthy

    Wish my succulents looked like yours! Garden looks great! Truck boys, and cell phone hijackers, sweet times. Holding patterns, with to do list, is time to gear up for all the energy needed to accomplish the end results. I’m looking forward to seeing God’s creations, with evenings like yours. I love you sweet niece of mine.

  2. I need some Chelsea time!