Some new favorites.

My friend, Colleen, and I went to lunch one day and saw a lady with a pretty purse.  We asked her about it and got enough information to find it online.  That was in the fall.  And I am now the proud owner of one myself thanks to my parents for my birthday.  I am loving it.  It fits everything and more.


I got this in a free sample and think it will be a new go-to.  It has sunscreen, which is increasingly important to me and just a little color.


Fabulous K recently did her favorite list, and I have embraced one of hers.  I put a few drops of this hair oil on the ends of my hair to protect it before I dry it.  It has made my hair look much healthier.


I have been a lover of Lululemon since my friend, Kate, hooked me up before the New York Marathon.  Thanks to Kate, Lululemon “outfitted” Scott and me for the race.  I guess they thought that by outfitting super slow runners, the spectators could get a good, long look at us and admire our clothes.  Those clothes are some of my favorites but they are pretty expensive.  I have decided that I would rather buy less stuff, but get the “good” stuff.  And for running gear, that seems to be Lululemon.  I just bought this top with gift certificates and am really loving it.


I am also loving this shirt from Nordstrom.


The shirt is perfect for work with J Crew pencil skirts.


And last but not least, I am loving my new wok.  It was not expensive, and is perfect for easy week night dinners.  Tonight I made stir fried cabbage and it worked great.


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