Life’s goodness–every day for five years.

I really am a blog junky.  I love reading blogs.  Mainly about design and about food.  One of my favorites is Cocina Marie.  She is a childhood friend, though more of my sister’s than mine.  She is also a lawyer who has turned into a foodie, cookbook writer, wife and mom.  She may be practicing a little law too, but she doesn’t talk much about that on her blog.  A blog about practicing law would be pretty boring, given the attorney client privilege and all.  Recently, Marie highlighted an idea that I am taking on myself.


It is a memory book for five years.  Each page has a day of the calendar year with space for all five years of memories.  This makes it easy to compare your memories on a given day from year to year.

At first, I thought I would wait until January.  Starting a memory book mid-year seems weird and disorganized.  But then I had a bad day and thought about the book, and how nice it would be to log goodness in my day.  And so I decided to start it, and write a line everyday of something good that happened–my highlight of the day.  In theory, this will make me focus on something good everyday.  And lately I have needed it.  Our office moved up north, which means a commute to and from work.  And the commute is to a rather depressing location in the middle of office building/cubicle land.  It sort of sucks the life right out of you.  Except it is just work–not life.  I need to focus on the good in life.  And this book is meant to help.

Here goes nothing.

Expect a report in 5 years.  Maybe sooner.

2 responses to “Life’s goodness–every day for five years.

  1. Chels, I LOVE this memory book!! I have written in mine everyday since I had Sydney!! I plan to give it to her later in life!! It’s just such a fun way to document her first few years of life and let her know how loved she is!! I love that you are using this!!

  2. Hi Chelsea! So glad you are doing this too! I haven’t written in it the past few days, but you inspired me to get back to it. Thanks 🙂 Isn’t it funny how we need inspiration on a daily basis? Or hourly? Thankfully we have each other. All my best, Marie