Goodbye Elvis bathroom.

We have not done any projects lately.  Instead, we have been laying low, saving money, and making plans for a big project that includes additional square feet, a new kitchen and dining space, 2 updated bathrooms, a new master closet, new windows and new siding.

For months, we have worked with a drafter to design the changes.  We have collected quotes.  We have fretted about whether we should spend the money.  We have fretted over whether we have the money to spend (still unsure)!  And we have moved forward at a snail’s pace.  We still have glitches that are delaying the project.  Because of that, we are just going to do one of the bathrooms ourselves.

So we demolished our pink bathroom.  Wow.  That is hard work. Now I am sitting with a heating pad on my back because of overdoing it.  Apparently helping carry a pink cast iron tub out of the house was a bad idea and I have been moving very slow for the last several days.  So sad.

Here’s what the place looks like now.


That is using the handy-dandy panarama thingy on the iphone, while standing in what used to be a tub.  It is hard the tell the shape of the room but the below picture was taken from the doorway you see in the above picture.


Scott is leaning on the pink tub in that picture.  Tired as all get out.  I don’t know how I got so blessed to have a handy-man for a husband.  Plus, he is pretty sweet!  A total KEEPER!


Here he is coping with the project ahead of us.

Know anyone needing a pink tub or illegal wall heater?



We sold the sink on Saturday.  Who knew there was a market for such things.  Our sink will be installed in a new bar on South Congress.  I will have to go visit the sink.

Check out the pile of bathroom in our backyard.  This represents a lot of lugging.


We had to have a plumber cut out all of the old plumbing.  It was heavy, castiron piping that went the whole height of the house.  The banging required to get that stuff gone was amazing.  Here it is now.  The plumber says that someone will pick it up off the ground if we just leave it there.  We shall see.


We will do a trough style sink with two wall faucets.  Ours will be undermount, but this gives you an idea.


We have some carrara marble for the counter top that we rescued from a friend’s garage.  We will do some built-in cabinetry, subway tile on the walls and this tile on the floor (from Home Depot).


These lovely folks spent their Friday evening with us last weekend, bought us dinner and made a trip with us to buy a new white cast iron tub and some wood from Home Depot.  Love.


Any desire to come help?  We supply the beer.

6 responses to “Goodbye Elvis bathroom.

  1. Sharon McMichael

    Chelsea, I feel your pain literally. Be careful Ayren tells me I am addicted to remodel. But for the same reasons we have done our own work on several projects.. It is very satisfying, but I too sleep with a heating pad many nights. I like your plans for the new bathroom.

  2. Chelsea, it sounds great! You guys take care of your back! I can’t wait to someday see the finished project!!

  3. You should sell that pipe! You can get a pretty penny for it!

  4. Wish we could help! I know it will look great!

  5. I want to visit the sink too!

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