Organized spices.

Some things in my life are very organized.  And other things are not.  The area in my cupboard designated for spices is the latter.  But not anymore.  Here is the before shot.  I have three containers of red pepper flakes.  But I can never find my steak seasoning.  It does not work very well.  As I think about where I want my spices in my “new” kitchen, it occurred to me that I really can make it better today.


I found these jars at World Market.


Online they come in sets of 6 at World Market.  At the store, you can get them individually for $0.99.  They day I bought them they were 25%  off, which was a nice little surprise!

I washed them, let them dry, and used a permanent marker to label them.  Practical but not fancy.  I think the final result is a vast improvement.


There are not very many things less exciting than organizing your spice cupboard.  But the end result was worth the boredom!

2 responses to “Organized spices.

  1. Martha Hudson

    What are you doing up this time of morning..not organizing your spice shelves, I hope…Love, martha

  2. I put mine in alphabetical order!