Recent jewelry purchases.

I don’t buy much jewelry.  I tend to wear the same things over and over.  I wish I had more jewelry but when I rank my wish list, jewelry is rarely at the top.   But my sister recently drug me to a jewelry party and I thought I would buy one thing, just to be nice to the host that I did not know (but who turned out to be very sweet).  Turns out, I sort of wanted to buy lots of stuff…and ended up with a few things that I am really excited to wear.





This lady shows the two (and a third I coveted but did not purchase) beautifully.  I typically don’t like “so much” but this looked fun.mae




and here.

They were not super expensive but it was WAY more than I typically spend.  But it sure was fun to blow my wad on stuff that will make my boring work clothes just a little more exciting.

Stella and Dot has a “Mary Kay model.” So if you end up buying something, I am sure the nice representative that I met at the party would be delighted if you went through her.  Connect here.

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