Guest bath before and after.

When we moved into our home, this is what our guest bathroom looked like.  We called it our Elvis bathroom.  Our home was built in 1952 and this bathroom screamed 1952.



DSC_0006 DSC_0005 We took down the (functional yet) ugly blinds, slapped some paint on the walls, hung a mirror and a curtain, and bought some time.


DSC_0008  DSC_0003-001

But when our big remodel project got delayed, we decided to tackle part of the project ourselves…meaning this bathroom.  We started in August and worked on it some evenings and most weekends.  We didn’t spend all weekend every weekend, but a pretty significant amount of time.

And after some blood, sweat, and a little bit of cussing, this is the final product of some really hard work.  Scott and I keep walking in there, flipping on the light and just staring at it.  We are pleased.



I was worried about the color of the marble–everything in the room is black and white and the marble is very grey.  But I think it softens the room beautifully.


We still have some finishing touches to add.  There will be a piece of marble in the nook in the picture above, but it didn’t fit just right when initially installed.IMG_1972

I have admired this poster for a really long time because the song lyrics make me think of my Meemaw and Pawpaw Thornton.  They sang that song to each other and to us.IMG_1975

The sink and the wall faucets are my favorite.  It is really hard to figure out sink placement and faucet placement–how far should the faucet jut out to hit the sink just so?   How far apart should the faucets be?  We stared at this wall and discussed this a ton.  Several have asked but just for the record, both faucets have both hot and cold.


Those nooks are not easy to do–mainly because cement board is hard to work with and cutting little pieces made Scott a little crazy.  But he persevered.


Those are flowers from my garden to simulate a real photo shoot.  You know.  A real photo shoot with your iPhone.

I am not very good at framing, sheet rocking, waterproofing, grouting, cutting tile, etc.  I did a little but really I just supported crazy, brave Scott.  I am so proud of his hard work.

Footnote: I still want to paint the door yellow–on both sides.  Scott has agreed but only if I do it myself.  I am a little scared but will tackle it as soon as I do my research, which Scott says I have to do first.  Grumble.  Maybe if I look helpless enough he will help me.

7 responses to “Guest bath before and after.

  1. Of course, you realize what a fantastic job you both did! Beautiful from the floor up! Baths aren’t easy… The kitchen will be a cinch for Scott! Call me if you’d like a hint on the door!

  2. Amanda Liles Young

    Absolutely beautiful! Modern in a retro/vintage sort of way! Great Jo!

  3. Chelsea I absolutely love it! You guys did a great job. You could be like David and me–we just hired Mark & Terri to come do our bath. Either way, it is a long process. Can’t wait to see it. BTW, Carly has the same print in Sydney’s room–You Are My Sunshine reminds us all. Love you, Connie

  4. Another comment: We love the towel bar in front of the sink. We’ve got a fake drawer just below our sink and have always just had a drawer pull there. We might copy you and try a towel bar there! See, you’ve inspired us!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. You did such a great job of mixing vintage with modern and I can’t wait to walk in there and admire it in person. You have to tell us about your flower vase. It is really really cool. I happen to think you always choose really neat things! I love your style Chels. Go for the yellow door!

  6. Hey Chelsea, If you add a product called Flood to your paint to the door you will not have brush strokes. You can find it at Home Depot. The yellow door will add fun. I love your bathroom updates. It is beautiful.

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