A yellow door in the bathroom.

So I showed the before and after of the guest bathroom here.  But I had not yet painted the door yellow.  Scott was not very excited about the project but agreed that I could do it–if I did it without expectation of him contributing.  That seemed fair to me.  I used him as a consultant.  He helped me figure out what type of paint to use and what the process should be.  And then he actually did help a lot.  He is a very sweet man.

And I think the finished product turned out great!


Sanding it was the hardest part.  And polishing the original brass door knob. Polishing that one knob made me realize how much work there is to do on all the other knobs in the house.

The before of the door knob.


And the after.



The color is Egg Yoke by Martha.

We had some of our favorite people over on Sunday night for dinner and the door was not yet hung.  We told them that if they needed to go to the restroom we could close the hall door.  I am pretty sure neither went to the restroom the entire time they were at our house.  Perhaps we should have finished the project before having company over.  Oooops.


I might be weird to be excited about it, but I am really excited to have a new guest over who asks where the restroom is.  “Oh,” I will say, “it is in the hall, behind the yellow door.”  Convenience.

3 responses to “A yellow door in the bathroom.

  1. The finishing touch!!! Looks great!

  2. Love it!!! Beautiful bathroom

  3. Love it!!! Great Job.