Mamie turned 84 on Friday.  On Saturday she seemed to begin her journey to Heaven.  I hope I am wrong, but only if somehow she returns fully as her true Mamie self.  Right now she is hooked up to lots of machines in a hospital, tied down, sedated–very un-Mamie.  Aunt Dot checked on her at 1:45 yesterday–she was making stuffing for the church potluck.  She popped back by at 2:00 and Mamie was in her chair, with bloody knees, vomiting, incoherent.

Several years ago, in jest, Mamie said, “oh you guys don’t have to worry about me.  Papa will die of a heart attack.  I will go of a brain aneurism.  No need for long term care for us!”  So Papa died in a car accident in 2001.  So for the record, Mamie got that one wrong.  But it appears that she was right about her own experience.  In that way, and so many others, she seems to be tethered to the will of God in a very unique way.

We thought it was an aneurism.  Now maybe a stroke.  Answers will come tonight.  I will update here, so that Aunt Dot can respond to fewer texts.  She has not slept.  Mom just arrived.  I am glad they have each other.  Uncle Todd comes tomorrow.

Mamie is ready.  Death does not scare her.  I just don’t like the idea of a world without her.

We sang “Marching to Zion” this morning and I can hear Mamie singing that song.  And I can picture the church in Southern California where we would go with she and Papa when we were little kids.  The church had green carpet.

DSC_0301This might be the best picture we ever took.  Mamie and her 5 grandkids.

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  1. Sharon McMichael

    Chelsea, Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I am praying for your Mamie and your whole family. May God comfort all of you. Love you!

  2. What a great story Chelsea. I have to say your grandmother reminds me so much of our great Meemaw–no wonder they always had such a great time together–two of a kind. We are thinking of all of you and know that God will provide whatever she and you need. He has the perfect plan. Love to you all — Connie

  3. Thanks Chelsea. I text your Mom and we are praying. Marcy

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  4. We love Melba and your family very much. When we visited the Auburn COC, Melba took us under her wing and made us instant family. She is one of those rare finds….a true treasure and I am so proud to know her! Our wish is that Melba would recover to hug us all again, but if she goes on home before us, she will most definitely be the first smile we see with arms wide open ready to take us in her perfect wings and welcome us home to a Thanksgiving feast we get to celebrate with her for ETERNITY!

    All our love, Kathy, Doug, Alisa, Ashley and Silas

  5. Melba, I am praying for you and your recovery. You are one amazing woman. My eyes maybe filled with tears, but my heart will always be filled with love and fond memories of you. You’ve been a wonderful friend to my Grandmother DeRhonda and just an inspiration to all those that know you and love you. Thinking of you and your family always! Love, Deana Ferguson Votaw