Monday update on Mamie.

Mamie no longer is connected to any machines and is just receiving care to keep her comfortable.  Mom says she looks very peaceful.  Mom, Aunt Dot, Todd and Deanna prayed over her together and Mamie seemed to gently acknowledge an “amen.”  I don’t think Mamie would want to end her life any other way, than to receive the gift of prayer by her children.  Her mission in life seems simple—to proclaim Christ in how she lives and loves.  No better confirmation of that than to know your children lean to God in heartache and claim Him as theirs.  Mission accomplished.

The doctors say that it might be a few days.  For now she is breathing on her own.  Todd and Deanna went home to SoCal for now.

Mom is staying put.

We all will wait for instructions.

Jane, Mamie’s oldest great grandchild, drew this picture for Mamie on Saturday when we got the news of her stroke.
photo (3)

The comments on this blog sure are sweet gifts to Mamie and us all.  Thanks for the gift of your kind words and thoughts.  Mamie touched a lot of people.  I am not surprised at all.

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  1. Kim for the Burns Bunch

    Chels, JUST now saw all that is going on. Oh how I loved getting to spend any time at all with Mamie! What an amazing woman who has passed on her love for the Lord, life and laughter to everyone she knows. I have always been impressed by her vast knowledge of canning, gardening and all things “Martha Stewart-ish” even though she’d put Martha to shame! 🙂 Our prayers and love are with all of you right now. Love you.

  2. Our precious sister is peaceful because she knows where she’s headed…into the arms of Jesus!! This is what she has lived for. We will be praying for her to be comfortable and to know that her sweet family is right by her side. Our prayers for the family is for you to know God’s peace through out this difficult time. I pray that you can find comfort in sweet memories, kind friends and much prayer. We love you and pray for you. May God bless you and all those who loved Melba.

  3. As Dot and I sit and wait on The Lord we can feel the generosity from our circle of love. Thank you all so much.
    Everyone pray for our little tender hearted Jane, who seems to be taking this loss very hard.
    We do not know how the timing will sort out for Maimie but we have let our minds move on to which Maimie stories we might tell to celebrate her.
    We have tried to share her with everyone to spread her sweet love as far and wide as needed. So, start sending us your quotes and stories. We need some good laughs and reminders of her pranks and crazy humor.
    with love,
    Dot and Lee Ann at Mercy San Juan Medical Center

  4. Patricia Newton

    My favorite Maimie story is her amazing ability to bring raw shelled eggs, sealed up in a coffee can ready for use, to Texas and almost never is one messed up. How did she do that? All my memories of her are so sweet of a loving woman who showered every one with the love of Jesus in the best possible way at all times. We love her so much. God bless you all in this time. Much love, Patricia

  5. Our thoughts and prayers are with Melba and her family. Melba has been a great mentor to all women. We’ve missed having her as our neighbor. We love you. God bless you and your family! Judy, Jeremy, and Josh

  6. My family was on vacation and visited the Auburn church of Christ in Nov. 2002. We met Melba and she asked if we were moving to Auburn. We said we were just on vacation. She said the church in Auburn needed us and that we should move and join the church family here. After a few days of visiting we went home. She got our email address off a visitor’s card and sent us a sweet note. She wanted to know if we would be moving to Auburn, CA. We said we were just visiting. She said that she would be praying that God would bring us to Auburn. We said OK and went on with life. Not long after the first email, we received another. Melba wanted to know if we had considered moving to Auburn. We said we’d think about it, not intending to move. Within days we got another email. She said she could find a place for us to live, in Auburn. We thought she was very persistent, but non-the-less we loved her for it. A couple days went by and she emailed us again. This time she said she had a free place for us to stay and we should move out right away! We started thinking that this woman is not giving up on us. We prayed about it and thought, why not!! We moved into our “free” place in March 2003. We spent a lot of time with this woman and credited her with our move to CA. We purchased a house in Lake of the Pines in Aug. 2003. The house we bought was a block from another lady in the church, Walsie Langley. Melba told me I had to take care of Walsie…it was my job because God put me in Walsie’s neighborhood for a reason. I took Melba seriously and took good care of Walsie. I had to. I was afraid if I didn’t I’d have to answer to Melba!! Walsie and I became the best of friends and we spent hours together every week for ten years! I also loved my visits with Melba. We would start out talking about Jesus and Mark 9:40… I think her favorite verse. She’d always say, “If we would just learn to love one another..!” I spent more time with Melba and Walsie than I did with people of my own age group! I never felt so loved than I did with these two women. Melba always called me, “Kathy Sue” even though my middle name is Ann. But since it was Melba, I didn’t correct her. It became so precious to me when she’d call me that name. After talking awhile, we’d go see the garden and feed the chickens. When it was time for me to leave, she’d always send me home with a bag of goodies. I always left with eggs, a soda, home-made pomegranate jelly, canned salmon, canned tuna, and some home-made bread pudding!! She always asked me about my kids and wanted to know everything they were doing. She was so selfless! I doubt any other woman will touch me like my mother-in-law, Melba and Walsie! They are the best!!
    Dorthy is up there, too! I’m not going to sit around moping. After I cry an ocean of tears, I will celebrate the life and faith of my dear friend and sister-in-Christ!!

  7. Aunt dot / dorthy

    God has blessed us with a rich legacy of woman, whom we were honered to call “mother”. She has grace and wisdom, in abundance for everyone. Her gift of eternal life will be a huge void in our home. She was a part of the rock, that built our foundation, by God’s rich grace. We never welcome loss, but it is of God. Thank you, Jesus, for the price you paid, for the love you gave. How appropriate, during this season, preparing for Thanksgiving, God would take our little mama. We know, God is holding her in His righteous arms. Thank you for prayer, for all the love and concern. We pray that we never have a conversation with another neurologist.

  8. I haven’t known Melba long, less than 2 years, but the Lord sure has blessed me with her wisdom, her generosity and her sweet spirit. I loved listening to her stories at Ladies’ Bible class on how good God is, even in the midst of hard stuff, God was always good. She had such a love and passion for the Lord and wanted to share it with others. She wanted any person who came to visit our congregation that we wanted them there to worship the Lord and fellowship with us.

    I loved talking with her about gardening. She’d often request my novice gardening advice. I’d laugh and tell her that I’m not an expert, but that she IS and that’s why I’d always ask her! She’s laugh back and reply that she’s no expert. She was humble.

    I know that she was definitely loved. Melba loved many people, but she touched many people’s lives who are forever changed for the good simply because she was in our lives and loved us. We know it’s a good thing that she gets to be with the Lord now, but it still hurts that she’s leaving. And she will be oh so dearly missed.

  9. God..our refuge and strength…an ever-present help…the LORD Almighty is with us. Even though I walk through the valley of death’s shadow, I will fear no evil, for You are with me.. and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.
    Praying these excerpts of Ps for you all.
    Beth, your Tue night group leader

  10. Joshua Andrew Freeman

    Dear Melba,
    To our beloved Melba H2O, our adopted mom, sister in the Lord and all around friend. For in always as we were together, you loved us. When we were apart you thought of us, when we weren’t there you prayed for us. So now we pray for you, As always with Melba you greet me with your iconic beloved wave, just like on Sunday mornings. I will forever miss our times together at lunch when we would go to Sierra Grill, and we would always see you smiling and greeting everyone with a smile and all the love Melba could give. As always with Melba everybody there loved and greeted as a long term friend. Even other people eating there knew and loved Melba. Of course and why not, someone so special and so loving I can’t imagine it any other way. -Melba; M for mom to all; E for experience; L for lovable; B for behave or at least trying to behave; A for awesome and grade A eggs. All my love Melba.

  11. Melba along with her late husband have been super people in additon to being solid Christians. I left a note at Melba’s hospital room last night saying that this may be a setback for the people hear on earth, however, heavens stock will be soaring. We love you Melba and we all know that you will be in great hands. Gary and Marguerite Baldwin.

  12. Things I learned from Melba’s unfathomable wisdom (that stand out at this moment):
    1) Chickens like to eat chicken.
    2) Straw wrappers are not to be thrown away; rather, thrown at someone.
    3) How to make an awesome, slow-cooked beef roast.
    4) Smoke: it is not just an odor; it is a cooking ingredient (see #3).
    5) When you are in your 80’s, you can be the life of the party.