God’s goodness.

Mamie completed her quest to Heaven last night at about 8:30 California time.  84 years and four days old, she lived life so well.  She extravagantly loved her family and so many sweet friends.  And we loved her right back, her chickens and all.chickensWe celebrate God’s goodness for taking her swiftly, exactly how Mamie would have planned it if she could.  She ate lobster on Friday, made stuffing on Saturday and saw the face of God on Tuesday.  Our world will never be the same, but we are so happy for Mamie to have lived well, to have walked with God, and shown the love of Jesus to so many.  Her reunion in Heaven will be sweet, for all those who went before her.  Papa.  John.  And so many others.  I am pretty sure there is a magnificent garden in Heaven.  May the Heavenly competition on the best tomato with Jack be as joyous there as it was on earth.

I will share details of a service as soon as we have them.

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  1. Sharon McMichael

    My heart is so full of love for you all. Prayers have been answered. Praise be to God for his loving mercy. My condolences to all of your family.
    Love you all.
    Sharon McMichael

  2. A precious exit from this world for a precious lady. Blessings and comfort to you all as you honor her in the days to come. Love you Thornton gals!

  3. Thinking of you Chelsea and praying for you and your family. Love you guys!

  4. Marsha Gifford

    chelsea…my sincere best wishes to you and all the family….you know we share your sorrow. Melba is a HUGE loss. She was an incredible lady in innumerable ways. I will miss her horribly! this is from my fb page..it’s My tribute to her which I wrote only minutes after I got the news last night. I hope it will bless you. YOU ALL are in my prayers. With love, Marsha

    A sweet and precious friend died moments ago. A personal Hero. Aged 84. A gardner with a PASSION to garden! And oh! there was NOTHING she couldn’t grow! With a hen house sheltering the most well fed and cared for chickens in California. Believe me…all my leftovers went to those chickens from even the fanciest restaurants if Melba was along for lunch! She was an AMAZING cook who taught me lots about the simple use of fresh spices. Who knew??? She canned everything she got her hands on. She was a Greatest Generation Woman! She loved working with nature. And I, like her chickens, loved being a frequent, honorary recipient of the gifts of her hands.
    But I was most honored to be recipient of the gifts of her heart!
    Melba loved the Lord more than life itself. She was right at home with His Love and it fit her like a well worn housecoat! She knew just how to wear it and just how to share it with others. I think each of us, her friends, thought she loved us the BEST! MORE than others! Because she always made each person feel so very EXTRA special. And she was a SAFE harbor for wounded souls, to bare hearts or let off steam…go right ahead! It was all okay! And resolution came in settling down and being able to see more clearly what would be the right and loving thing. Or simply….what would Melba do?
    I’m so blest to have shared life with Melba the past 8 years. In every way, she blest me. Our last lunch together was 2 weeks ago (when any hint of a stroke would have been inconceivable.) Robust and fit from yard-work and gardening; she was a picture of health. We sat long and talked much…actually, way more than usual. Only this time, I held her hand on top of my knee the whole time! We’d never done that before. Isn’t it funny how sometimes you just happen to do EXACTLY the right thing to snag a memory to treasure! A shock of solid white hair framed Melba’s sweet face and behind wire rimmed glasses danced baby blue eyes. Born with a speech impediment when doctors couldn’t correct such anomalies….she would explain how it had in fact blest her by making her learn to stand strong against adversity. I loved that this slight little woman stood tall in many situations I saw first hand. Her speech was never indistinct because her heart was so outspoken!
    That was her most distinguishing feature – her heart!
    She truly loved everyone! And sought everyone’s BEST good. .. on the highest level….in relation to Christ and His Will for our lives.
    I already miss you Melba. But I know where you are. And because of Christ, I know how to get there!
    You meant the world….
    You meant HEAVEN to me.

  5. Dear Chelsea, The walking bunch wants to honor Melba and wondered if you had any suggestions as to what to do…flowers, a memorial to her church or her favorite charity or a donation toward something that is already underway (a bench, plaque, tree, etc.). You did such a beautiful job of keeping us all informed..thanks so very much. Love, Martha

  6. I miss you so much. I bet you have your garden in heaven going great.
    Love. Yvonne and Lavern.

  7. I have truley enjoyed your post and grateful to have known of her amazing
    life, best of thoughts to all.
    Randy Kerr