Updated favorites.

We are days away from getting a permit and I am hopeful it will come within the next few days.  They promised last Friday but Austin was iced over on Friday and I am not complaining about that.  A free day at home is always welcomed.  It seems as if so much of our life is on hold until this remodel happens, but there is still so much to enjoy about life today.  Most are the intangible: the beauty of Town Lake as the sun rises and the energy that comes from running the whole Mopac to I 35 loop with good music as company; the sweetness of having family close by to share groceries and life with; the goodness of friendship; friends who pray for me and vice versa; a husband who still thinks I am hot, even though with every passing day I feel less hot; things to celebrate; weekends with only good things planned; and on and on and on.

I am also enjoying things that are so much less important, but fun to discover.  My most recent favorites are below.

s1482546-main-heroI put this eye cream on every morning.  I started several months ago, thinking that the mid-30s required adding this layer of care.


I really love this lip gloss/chap stick stuff.  It isn’t shiny like lip gloss, but it gives you a little color and also has sunscreen.  I hate the shiny stuff because my hair sticks too it.  After my mom went through this awful chemo treatment on her face to bring cancer cells to the surface, I realized I needed sunscreen for my lips.  Much of her troubled area were her lips and I want to try to avoid that scenario.  It looked so miserable, but she was a trooper.


Coconut oil seems to be a very trendy product now and I am on the bandwagon.  I primarily use it on my face–I wash my face with it a few days a week, making a scrub with it and sugar.  It works great to moisturize and to exfoliate.  I probably won’t need it in the summer, but when my skin dries out in the winter, this works really well.  I buy it at Trader Joes.  Praise the Lord for Trader Joes.


These trouser socks are so warm and comfy.   They are made by Madewell, a brand that is fairly new to me.  The socks are perfect under boots–just the right thickness, and on cold weekend days, they are fun peaking out of Uggs.

I have also really been loving Livestrong.com’s My Plate food tracker.  After going to Mexico for a week at Christmas, not exercising, eating about 73 pounds of tortilla chips, drinking more beer and margaritas than water, and indulging way too much, Scott and I decided we would make January a no drinking month and we would count our calories.  We are super delighted that January is nearly over, but this food tracker has made it very easy to right the “overindulging ship.”


And during the not-so-fun January, this sparkling mineral water has been our friend.  Somehow the bubbles fool you into thinking you are not starving, which is very helpful.  We drink at least one a day and it helps us eat fewer calories.


Hiking the Barton Creek Greenbelt through the seasons is such a treat.  Having such a vast park in the center of town is a gift.  I love peaceful afternoons out there.


Homeland.  We are hooked.  We don’t get Showtime so we wait for them to come out on DVD, but when the second season came out, we devoured them in about two weeks.  I found myself wanting to pray for the characters.

And lastly, Scott and I are on a quest to see most, or all, of the Oscar’s Best Picture nominated films.  We might not make all 9 because Wolf of Wall Street looks so, so bad, but we will try.  It is a fun challenge to take on.

3 responses to “Updated favorites.

  1. I love your favorites. I will now turn my cooking oil into a face scrub, find the great socks since these cold fronts are getting to be a regular thing, find the livestrong help on calorie counting and see about downloading Homeland. Thanks for all the hints. I am making a dent in the oscar nominees Ly k

    LSent from my iPhone


  2. As usual….loved your blog or post or whatever it is. Do not see Wolf of Wallstreet….it is just porn!!! Luv ya, Martha

  3. I just started using eye cream too! Might have to try your kind. It’s a sign of the times, my friend!