Construction begins.

First, this guy turns 65 today and I am just so grateful he is my dad.

Chelsea and Scott Wedding Card A 388

He was my very first dance partner and still, I love dancing with him…and living life along side him.  I need him to live at least another 65 years.  At least.

Now.  For construction.

I have been a terrible blogger, but when you do a blog primarily to document home improvements, and those home improvements stall, well, there isn’t much to say.  We have had to practice our patience with waiting for the permit (again) but we are now on our way.  I think it will be awhile until we get to the pretty part, but I still plan to document the progress.

I recently looked back to where we started when we moved into our house on April 4, 2011.  The owners left a lot of junk behind (the 1950’s house had never been on the market and been passed down through the generations).  We basically acquired all in the house that nobody else wanting.  We found dining chairs under the house.  An upholstered rocker in the garage, cedar planks in the rafters, glasses in the mounds of leaves, car parts, and so much more.  We quickly rented a 20 foot dumpster and filled it up.  Here’s my first post about the house.  Mainly, I am really grateful to live here.  It is a good house in such a great part of Austin.  But the day we moved in, Scott researched how to “return” a house.  He was overwhelmed by all that we needed to do to make it safe and livable.  Fix gas leaks.  Update electrical stuff (get rid of extension cords running half the house).  Clean up the grime.  I think the seller’s realtor was pretty shocked we did not tear the place down.  But it is too good for that.  And since then, Scott has become the hero of the house.

It never occurred to me that we would take on such a big project.  But I am grateful to have the opportunity.  We will add about 500 square feet, move our kitchen to that new space, add a master closet, make the master bath bigger, add an outdoor shower, add a mudroom/laundry room, and a small room off the kitchen.  By moving the kitchen, we will gain a dining area.  We will knock down some walls, replace all the windows, replace the siding and refinish all the wood floors.

Right now, our house looks like this from the front.


I want our color scheme to look more like the below when we replace the siding.  I love the dark charcoal siding, with white framing.  Then we will have a pop of color from our door (green?  blue?).  Ignore the shingles.  We will do horizontal siding.  We will have wider, more gradual steps than what was there previously.  A new handrail.  New columns. And Ike, the concrete guy, is evening up our porch, so that water doesn’t hang out there when it rains.


Currently, Ike, the concrete guy, is working to form the foundation for our new kitchen.  Our back yard looks like this.


That, my friends, in our new master closet, kitchen, mudroom, and bonus room.  It doesn’t look like much, but this is the sign of PROGRESS.

5 responses to “Construction begins.

  1. Giddy up, Chels! I love it!

  2. Martha Hudson

    You are a fabulous blogger….thanks for keeping me on your list….Love, Martha

  3. kristen eastman

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!! Please pass along my best wishes and big hugs!

  4. Colleen mehner

    Dear Chelsea & Scott,
    Great that you all loving and up dating a 50’s home ….. Having been in a variety of up grades myself through the years….. I really get the picture and the “what are……. we doing”….. Hang in there with moments of a bit over budget, knowing the day of true delight does come……..with what you two have accomplished!!!!!!!

  5. Happy birthday to Gary!

    And, I love your home and will love it even more when it’s all done, I am sure! You guys have done a great job of taking care of and restoring a great house. Good luck with all of the construction!!