Demo is hard work.

About a week ago, we were able to determine the timing for framing our new space.  And that meant it was time to move out.  That means we have a foundation, which is a big step.  Now on to framing.

We planned to move out, but the timing snuck up on me.  We are so grateful to have Scott’s mom’s house as a home base while ours is under construction.  Bonnie spends the summer in Paris, and this year she doesn’t come home until the end of October.  So we are “taking care” of her house, but mainly avoiding the remodel dust.  So each night last week we packed, and then actually spent the night at Bonnie’s starting on about Wednesday.  By Friday night, we had all of our furniture in the middle of the living room covered in plastic, and the remainder in boxes stowed away in other rooms of the house.

And then the demolition began on Saturday morning.


This was our bathroom after about an hour of work.


This was the end of the day Saturday.

And then the kitchen….




We had some incredible help.  Thanks to Brantley, Ryan, and Todd for leaving their newborn children (and other loved ones) to help us with such painful work. I figure we saved about $1000 over the course of the weekend, which is pretty helpful.  We owe you mucho.

As I was pulling trim from the top of the walls in the kitchen, it rained rat poop, which was a tad bid disconcerting.  You don’t realize how gross your house is until something like this.


My body hurts, but I am glad the heavy lifting is done.  We filled a 20 foot dumpster.  I can’t even believe it.  I am ready for choosing light fixtures and paint colors.  THE FUN STUFF.




4 responses to “Demo is hard work.

  1. I saw it in the middle and was so excited for y’all! You’re very wise to not live there during the work. I’ve done that and it was not the best idea I’d ever had!

  2. Martha Hudson

    Oh my!!!

  3. Aunt dot / dorthy

    A work in progress! What a good feeling. I’m excited to see the next phase of remodel. Boo for rat poop!

  4. Looks like it’s going great! Can’t wait to see the finished product!