When does the pretty stuff start?

We are about a month into this project (a little less) and there is still nothing pretty to discuss about our home remodel.  But there is a lot going on.  First of all, Scott is my hero for life.  When both our plumber and electrician upped their bids, Scott decided he could probably just do all that himself.  “That will give us more wiggle room for fun things like spray foam insulation,” he said.  He added a metal roof and a sonic ice machine to convince me. But I think it was the spray foam insulation that motivated him.  We have talked a lot about spray foam insulation for about the past two years.  Anyway.

As of now, the outside of the addition is pretty much framed.  In this bad panoramic picture, you can see the pantry/master closet on the left, a big kitchen space, and the mudroom and nook on the right.


The framing in the bathroom is also coming along.  Our shower is going to be huge.  We could sleep in there.  This is the view from the middle of the bathroom, into the shower.  The doorway beyond will be gone.  On the left is a half wall, the rest of which will be glass.  On the right will be a glass door.  You can see in the foreground on the left side a little framing for another half wall.  The toilet will go in between the two.


Scott has spent every waking hour at the house when not at work.  He has worked on the rough plumbing.  And I think he would call all this beautiful.  I think the bike pump is there so that he remembers what it was like to have time to ride his bike.  Otherwise, no clue.



Look at all that PVC pipe running floor to ceiling!  ThanksRyan for the help.  This is the other view of the master bath.  Where Ryan and Scott are will be counters and two sinks.


Here’s a better picture of the master closet and pantry.  On  the left side, where the door is, that will be our pantry.  The door will be gone.  The door now leads to our bedroom.  On the right side is our master closet.  The window will be removed and a door will be added.  The pantry will be accessible from the kitchen (obviously), but the closet will just be accessible from the bedroom.


Here’s our expansive kitchen, right in the middle of which will be a big 4 foot by 10 foot island.  On the far wall is the mudroom, from which the garage can be accessed.  On the left is just a little bonus room.


Here’s a better picture of the bonus room off the kitchen.


And here it is from the back yard!


I was able to sneak in a little fun this weekend.  I got a pedicure with this sweet girl who just finished her first week of second grade, and her mom, and her (and my) mom.  Much needed after a long week.


And we celebrated Megan’s birthday with dinner, swimming and an ice cream cake.  (Doug takes this stuff very seriously.)


This was pretty much my view for the rest of the weekend.  I think between the two of us, we did 5 visits to Lowes, Home Depot and Breed & Co.  Nice legs, Scott.



3 responses to “When does the pretty stuff start?

  1. Martha Hudson

    You are such a great blogger or poster or whatever it’s called….I love to hear from you!! Martha

  2. Colleen mehner

    Gosh Chelsh and Scott….. My late husband Paul,Would love what you’re doing and seeing all these great pictures and commentary. He was quite a builder himself and we did a lot of that sort of thing in our 35 years of marriage. Keep up the good work you two and Take care…… Hugs Colleen

  3. Aunt dot / dorthy

    Thanks for the update! Great progress. Love the pic ‘s. Sweetest second grader I’ve ever seen!