France and paint colors.

We just returned from a trip to Southern France.  We went for my friend, Julie’s wedding.  And explored a little too.  The first few days were in Nice.



Mom and Dad were with us–Dad did the wedding ceremony.  It was really fun to be with them.

Next we went to Valbonne–to the Chateau Begude–for the wedding.  It is just 40 minutes outside of Nice.


Back to Nice for the civil ceremony.  Don’t these two look happy?


Then back to Valbonne for the pretty/spiritual ceremony.




The cake was super cool–basically candied cream puffs, complete with a very dramatic presentation with sparklers.


Next up we went to the “Haute Provence” region–basically in the foothills of the Alps.  We stayed here.


It was perfect.  10 rooms.  Beautiful linens.  Clean and restful.  The town of Saint Laurent du Verdon was tiny–71 citizens.  One stop sign.  Quaint and lovely.  This was the yard of the hotel.


We went to a really fun market in Reiz.



Mom and I shopped.  These three hung out.  Bonnie joined us for this leg of the trip which was such a treat!  She had been traveling in Spain, and came to hang out!


We drove to other neighboring towns, and saw some beautiful sites.


Less Beautiful.


We picked what was left of the lavender here.




The town of Moustiers Ste Marie was beautiful–built on the side of a cliff.



And on our drive back to Nice, we drove through some beautiful sights and saw the Gorge du Verdon.  Incredible.  Like the Grand Canyon of France.


And then home.  We had a great time.  We were grateful to celebrate with Nick and Julie and to meet so many of their sweet friends.  And we loved the strange opportunity to travel with both sets of parents.  The trip was great, but we are happy to be back to do fun things like pick paint colors.  Help.

Below are two options for the door and two options for the siding.  I like the top siding color–more moody.  What do you think?  I am not sure I love either door color.



I have read about Martha Stewart’s plumage and might go with something more like that.  I want there to be a contrast, but I don’t want it overly bright and whimsical.


White framing around the door and windows of course.  Thoughts?

Siding and roofing continues this week.  Then electrical and insulation.  Then sheetrock.  Then flooring.  Then we move back to our house.  Hopefully.

3 responses to “France and paint colors.

  1. I like the top blue color too! Can you take a pic and photoshop the colors on to help you decide? I know what ever you pick is going to look amazing, can’t wait to see it!

  2. I can’t help you with the paint colors…but I want to have an actual phone conversation about your trip. I just died when I saw the umbrellas on the beach. I’m a sucker for blue and white stripes.

  3. Love, love, love the bottom two colors together. But that is only because I miss living near the ocean and those look “nautical” to me! (Been in the desert too long!) Leta