Cabinets and floors.

One of the things I have learned about remodeling, is that most of the time is spent on things you will never see–wiring, plumbing, foundation, framing, roof, etc.  We are just now getting to the phase that I have been dreaming of: the pretty!  And if you are instagram, most of these pictures will be repeats.  So sorry.

Cabinetry was delivered and installed last week.  There are a few tweaks that will need to happen, so ALL of the cabinetry was not installed, but a lot of it was.

This is the addition–what used to be patio/backyard that is now kitchen.  The cabinets along the wall will have soapstone tops.  We will paint the cabinetry over the next few weeks.


The island will have 4 stools, and will have a butcher block top.  The door to the right is a mudroom that leads to the garage.  The left one is a little storage nook.


This is the dining room.  The window surrounded by cabinets used to be the location of my kitchen sink.  Scott has plans to make a big table.


The living room.


Our bedroom with build-ins.  The doorway to the right is our closet, but that wall used to be an outside wall.  Our closet used to be on the other side of the room which now is a larger bathroom.


The bathroom vanity, which will have a set in piece of upper cabinetry.


The floor guy, Jacob, stained the floors on Sunday and Monday and we are really excited about the results.



The doorway in this picture is the pantry.




This week the tile guy and trim carpenters start.  And countertops will get measured.  Progress.

3 responses to “Cabinets and floors.

  1. It’s beautiful, Chelsea!! Y’all have made so much progress. Your dream kitchen is becoming a reality!!

  2. Colleen Mehner

    TERRFIC PICTURES!!!!!!!! gosh, the house is developing so lovely………. For me watching……..what a birthing process of the Rule of Scott…………… ……I ESPECIALLLY love the floors…………………………Hugs to you BOTH for taking on such an amazing project……the attention to detail……….Colleen

  3. You guys are doing such a great job!! Major progress!!!!