The finish work.

We have had tile guys and trim carpenters at our house for the last two weeks (with Thanksgiving delaying things a bit).  The bathroom tile is complete.  And I am really excited about the end result.


We still need countertops in there, along with marble tops for the bench and other horizontal places.


Scott also installed lights to go above the mirrors in the bathroom.  I am trying to determine what type of mirrors need to go in the space.  I think it needs some texture of some sort.  Any ideas?

IMG_0195And then we need the finishing touches like cabinet pulls, faucets, details, details.

Trim is going in all over the house–around the windows, along the baseboards, crown moulding, etc.  The same carpenters built out the mudroom, master closet and pantry.  I am particularly excited about the mudroom, where we will have floor to ceiling storage for towels.  We have never had enough storage for the towels Scott collects.  I keep some in my car permanently for lack of another option.  “You can never have too many towels,” Scott says.  I support his habit.

We spent much of our Thanksgiving painting some of these things, plus the built-ins throughout the house.  Then last weekend we painted the doors and drawers for the kitchen cabinetry.  They dried darker than the below picture, which I am excited about.  Rosemary, by Sherwin Williams…


Scott is working hard to complete electrical stuff so that we can get that inspection complete.  This will take a little time because we must first finish the backsplash in the kitchen so that he can put plates on.  And we can’t do the backsplash until the countertops are in.  And the counter tops won’t go in for another 10 days or so from now.  Logistics.

I sure am grateful for all the help we have had on this project.  Scott’s mom has spend days at our house helping.  My parents too.  And so many have brought us meals so that we can keep pressing on.  It certainly take a village.

We are so ready to be back in the house.  I might even revert back to my “newly married, domestic goddess, baking phase,” where I tried to bake bread and other complicated, self-defeating recipes with only marginal success.  I am ready to just get in that kitchen and use it!  Pretzel rolls anyone?

The floor guy came yesterday for one more round of polly finish.  We will let that set for a few days and then start bringing things into the house, while we slowly paint trim, wait for countertops, finish electrical, and dream of a functional kitchen and our own bed.  That will feel like Christmas, indeed.

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  1. Colleen Mehner

    SANTA has been working overtime!!!!!!!!!!!!……….getting closer…………..Hugs, Colleen

  2. Colors and style look amazing!