Are we done yet?

I have learned that in a remodel, there is no clear finish point.  It seems to just keep going and going and going.  We are in the house–moved in the Saturday before Christmas.  We did not have countertops or a kitchen sink, but we were in.  And it felt good–still does.

Countertops have now been installed.  And the kitchen is very functional. And I love it.  This island makes me endlessly happy.



But many people have asked if we are finished.  I don’t think we are.  We have a collection of projects that need to be completed.  Window treatments.  Touch up on the walls and lots of woodwork to paint.  Installing interior doors.  Completing some electrical work.  Putting screens on our windows.  Peeling all the stickers off our windows.  Yard work out the yin yang.  And all the final inspections.  We try to do a little bit each weekend. Hopefully by summer we can say, “we are finished.”

More than anything, I am just so grateful.  I love even emptying the dish washer in this kitchen.

2 responses to “Are we done yet?

  1. Connie Thornton

    Chelsea, I absolutely LOVE your kitchen!!

  2. It looks amazing! I want to wake up in your beautiful home and drink coffee. It reflects your good taste and a boat load of hard work. You two make a great team.