Coming out of a cloud.

This has been a hard 12-14 months.  Full of blessings, lots of work, and now I am just ready to settle into a pace that is a little easier to manage.  With more days with my feet propped up next to Jane’s on my parents’ new boat.


It all started at work. Last spring, our agency’s executive director announced his retirement after 18 months with the agency (3 year old agency and he was our second ED).  The chief of staff became interim ED while we looked for a permanent replacement.  At the same time, my boss, the general counsel, retired and I surprisingly became general counsel without time to wrap my brain around it.  Then the interim ED took a job in another city and by the beginning of last summer, we had another interim ED.  Without a chief of staff, the new interim ED and I became a solid team quite quickly and we both worked long, hard hours to keep our heads above water.

On the home front, we started our remodel in July and moved out of the house in August.  Scott’s mom was in France, so we moved into her house.  By the end of the summer, the interim ED decided he liked the job, and our board liked him.  He was named as permanent ED, and then he named me chief of staff.  With some quick organization changes to reflect his style, we hit the ground running to prepare for the legislative session, which in Texas occurs every other spring from January through May.

Every weekend we were doing things at the house.  Painting the whole exterior.  Painting cabinetry.  Scott completing plumbing work.  His hands were rough from hard labor.  We were constantly scrubbing paint from our fingernails.  The people at the Home Depot close to my office know me.  Several evenings a week, I would stop by to pick up Scott’s online orders on my way to the house to “work.”  At the end of October, Scott’s mom came home but we remained at her house until Christmas.  When we moved back in, we still didn’t have kitchen counters, or a sink, or a faucet until about New Year’s.

Session started in January.  My boss, the new executive director, was diagnosed with cancer and starting in February spent about 7 weeks at MD Anderson. He is back at work, but still recovering.  This is the first time in my six legislative sessions that it actually ate my lunch.  Late nights at the capitol.  Lots of worry.  Testifying before committees.  It was hard.

But the session ends Monday.  And summer is beginning.  I am envisioning June as my new start.  We still have projects at the house, but all are doable.  I have a list of books to read.  I have blogs to write.  People to see.  Meals to host.  More restful nights to enjoy.  Notes to write.  Mainly, this year of survival is now moving into a period of rest, enjoyment and getting back to a more balanced life.  And it is time to serve others and get over myself.  Survival is too self-consuming.  I need out of the cloud in which I have lived since last April.

I have really missed blogging.  In the next few days, I will start a recap of the home remodel.  Scott is the hero of that story.  I have a lot of bragging on him to do.

Get ready.

2 responses to “Coming out of a cloud.

  1. Amazing, you I mean 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about the remodel!

  2. Sharon mcmichael

    I have missed your blogs and look forward to reading more. But oh my what a year you have had. Praying for you to get much need rest.