Recent favorites

One good thing about my blog hiatus is that I have discovered a whole new collection of favorites to share.  I love discovering new things–brands, products, stores, etc–and hope you do too.


I don’t keep my love for Trader Joe’s a secret.  I counted down to their arrival in Austin.  Their face soap is fantastic.  It is very similar to Purpose, another of my favorites, but doesn’t take a special trip to CVS and it is a few bucks cheaper.  Who knew you could buy TJ stuff on amazon?


Another new discovery of mine is face wipes to remove mascara.  The ones from Sephora smell good.  I tear them in half to make them last longer.  I am thrifty that way.  (Others would say cheap.)


I am also loving Sephora’s Sun Safety Kit.  It is fun to try all the different products without waste.  I bought one last year and it lasted me all summer.  Of course, I have a day job so my pool/beach excursions are fairly limited.


Moving onto food and back to TJ’s.  My friend, Keira, introduced me to this goodness.  It is the perfect snack at the bewitching work hour when you want to gorge yourself on Cheez-Its from the snack machine.



Avacado Toast is one of our breakfast favorites.  Sometimes with an egg on top.  Always with a squeeze of Sriracha when mashing. (photo credit above, Faith Durand)


I may be the last to jump on the Jesus Calling bandwagon.  I love starting my day with this devotional.  I have the app on my phone, which means I have zero excuses to skip it.  Sarah Young speaks to my heart!


And lastly, my new favorite store in Austin, Spring Frost.  Spring goes to my church, and she has a lovely boutique on Burnet Road (almost as lovely as she is).  Good prices.  Lots of merchandise.  I bought two dresses that I have worn all spring (work and elsewhere), a pair of Hudson black waxed jeans ($50!), and a few other favorites.  My mom, sister and I all went in and came out with a big load.  Which means I need to limit my trips there.

And there you have it!  A few of my favorites.  What are yours?

One response to “Recent favorites

  1. I love that you are blogging again! Your home remodel, especially the kitchen is a sweet reflection of you and Scott, you’re style of entertaining, with great food and drink ideas.
    “Jesus is Calling”, has been my life blood for the past few years.
    I love waking up to the anticipation of a new posting. Thank you for making my day!