My vacation reading.

One of the great pleasures of vacation is devouring a good book or three. Because I had not read much lately, I have quite a reading list.  I somewhat randomly picked three and loved each one.  I keep my list of books to read on Pinterest.  Megan keeps trying to move me to Good Reads, but I have not yet made the plunge.  My running list is here.

big little liesBig Little Lies is set in a fancy Australian community close to Sydney.  It is a funny murder mystery, about a person who was killed at an elementary school fundraiser.  The remainder of the book reveals  how the murder happened, told through the eyes of kindergarten moms.  It is sarcastic and witty, and while I do not have kids, I can imagine the gossipy circles of elementary moms.  This story makes that reality a comedy.  It didn’t warm my heart or make me think, but it was very entertaining.



Nobody’s Cuter Than You Are is a precious memoir on friendship, written by Melanie Shankle, who incidentally, went to Texas A&M at the same time Scott did.  They have friends in common.  I read part of this story out loud to Scott and he also liked it.  I laughed and cried, and took stock of my own friendships.  It made me grateful for the friends I have made in so many different stages of my life.  I read this book in one day and loved every second of it.  Now I want to read her other two books.  She also has  very successful blog that is hilarious.

light book

Light Between Oceans is the best book I have read in quite some time.  It took me a few chapters to get into it, but boy, it was worth it.  It is the story of a couple who lives on an island off the coast of Australia to maintain a lighthouse.  They encounter a boat on their shores with a surprise that turns their heartbreak into delight, but that later causes bigger problems.  I think this one hit home in some ways and really touched me.  It is a tearjerker, but is very fulfilling in the end.

I hope this is a summer of reading for me.  As I finish a book or two, I will report on them here.  I love having a good book to read, especially in the summer when TV choices are dismal.




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