Master bathroom after.

When we moved into our home on Bonnie Road I was so grateful for it, just as it was.  However, over the next few years, I would stand in our tiny 3 x 3 shower and dream of something larger.  And perhaps something with counter space other than the closed toilet lid.  Gratitude is fleeting.

Our bathroom looked like this when we moved in, and from that post, you can tell that the dreaming of what it could be was already in full gear.

When we began the Great Remodel Project, we turned our master closet into more master bathroom (our shower to be exact), and moved our master closet to the other side of our room to be the buffer between our bedroom and the kitchen.  We added the space where our master closet, pantry, and kitchen are now located.  It is hard to picture unless you are walking through the house, but just trust me.  The change is 100% better.

Note: taking pictures of a bathroom is hard!  I now respect professional photographers even more than I already did.

The carrera marble came from our friends’ house.  They removed it from their kitchen when they first moved in and stored in their garage with no plan to use it.  I hired marble movers (my title for them, not theirs) to move and store it until we needed it.  Best money ever spent.  (Thanks, Sonya and Russ!)  The marble was really the basis for the bathroom.

The upper cabinetry is set into the wall, so that it is deeper than it appears on the counter.

My handy electrician (Scott) wired a magnifying mirror for me that turns on with a switch.


I love a white bathroom but hate white flooring (my brown hair sheds like crazy).  While encaustic tile was my first choice, I decided $10,000 or whatever crazy amount it was going to cost was not worth it.  I am happy with the honeycomb tile with contrasting grout with money in my pocket.


In the cabinet above, Scott installed a plug especially for his hair clippers, which I thought was brilliant.  He is one smart guy.


He also made the towel rods from plumbing supplies.  I love the size of them.


The star of the bathroom is definitely our shower.  My plumber (Scott) is a rockstar for figuring all the plumbing out for the four shower heads.  I am in love (with my husband and my shower).  It may be that we overcompensated for our previously tiny shower, but I am not sorry.


Scott’s side, ever the minimalist.


And mine.

I would not change a thing.


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  1. Martha Hudson

    I love your new bathroom!!