Surprises about motherhood

You know how young love is dreamy. Where you can’t stop talking or thinking about this new person in your life that makes everything appear like butterflies and rainbows? That’s life with Rosemary. I had no idea it would be like that. I thought we would trudge through the first year or so, bleary-eyed and enduring the hard parts of parenthood. Instead, I am surprised to say that even the hard days are good. It is just such a pleasure to be Rosemary’s mom. To be called Mom. To know her every move and tendency. To dress her and cuddle her. To calm a cry and to get her up in the morning. I just love the whole experience. I did not expect for parenthood to be weighted so heavily towards wonderful.

Coffee turns cold faster than before parenthood.   I don’t know why that happens but I am fine drinking it that way. Now I understand why my sister pounds coffee so fast. There just is not too much time to savor coffee.

I am surprised by how uninterested I am in leaving my house. It’s like this peaceful, happy place where our little family of three simply, peacefully exists. We have everything we need there. Venturing out means preparation and packing. Not much is worth that. I am shocked that I would be that mom. I thought I would be crawling the walls, dragging Rosemary everywhere. We do get out but home is so great.

I love sleep. I need sleep. I think about sleep a lot. And I am getting some sleep. But it surprises me that my favorite time with Rosemary is in the middle of the night. She sleeps through the night a lot but sometimes wakes between 4-5 to eat. She goes right back down. But she is then up early, especially on weekends it seems. But middle of the night and early morning time is by far, the most tender, sweet time with my girl. I don’t mind.

These surprises are sweet reminders that we may think we have things all figured out (I certain think I do) but we really don’t know what each stage will be until we are there. I am grateful for these blessed days. They are not easy days. There are plenty of challenges. But I would not change it for the world.

Oh!  And we have kept Rosemary Drake Buchholtz alive for half a year.  Scott and I are grateful for the help in doing so.  We need all the help we can get.  Happy half, Rosie Drake!

5 responses to “Surprises about motherhood

  1. You have the hard earned gift of perspective, my friend! Keep cherishing every moment. She is the gift of your patience and faithfulness!

  2. So sweet Chelsea. Love to hear your sweet words of motherhood. Yes, cherish these memories and so many ahead. Congratulations on keeping Rosemary alive. Love you and your family. Flora

  3. Linda Merriman

    So thankful that you are a Mom and that you share your tender moments with us. May God continue to bless your precious family of three! 💗 Linda


  4. SO beautifully put, Chelsea. Your thankfulness is contagious, as I read your words and soak in your gratitude. I had so many moments of wishing the time away, to ‘just get through this’ and like you said, it is hard, there are definitely challenges. But you are in a time that is rare and sweet and special – because it is fleeting, because your little girl will grow up fast. So as I read your words, I am encouraged to soak in life, just as it is right now, challenges and all, and be thankful. You are a gem!!!

  5. Connie Thornton

    Chelsea, I just love your blog. If ever there was someone destined and worthy of being a mom, it is you! Words can’t express how happy I am that you have her, and she has you! Enjoy every moment of it–it is so fleeting and oh so special.