One year.

I love being Rosemary’s momma, even on the hard days.  I love rescuing her from bed in the morning with her big smile, immediate conversation and outstretched arms.  I love when she shoves most of an entire banana in her mouth.  I love that she really eats meat more than anything else.  (She is hearty.)  I love that she shows excitement by twirling her ankles and wrists.  I love that she is very interested in people, especially kids, but is pretty shy.  I love that she clings to me when strangers talk to her and while the coffee is grinding.  I love that she listens for the garage door and anticipates who might walk in the door (Daddy!).  I love that she holds objects to her ear to talk on the phone.  I love that she discovers items by twisting them around and around.  I love that she twirls from a sitting position, getting a 365 degree view of the world around her.  I love that her first word was “hi.”  I love that her happy place is the bathtub and outside.  I love how she finds the satin on the blanket while taking her bottle and then sleeps on top of her blanket consistently.  I love that she prays with me when I pray over her at night.  I love that she shrieks for Daddy.  I love that her daddy and I are her people.  Being someone’s person is such a pleasure.  It comes in a few ways in life; none have been more satisfying to me than through motherhood.

Photo credit: the Great Karis Martin

I know that motherhood was not promised to me. It was to Sara (of Abraham and Sara) but not to me.  That was one of my biggest worries.  What if I was not intended to be a mother?  In some respects I feel like God provided for us in a similarly dramatic way as with Abraham and Sara.  I am so very thankful for His faithfulness throughout the journey.  It has made me compassionate towards those wanting to have children and finding their way.  We each have our own way.

My prayer for Rosemary is that God grows her to be strong, smart, kind and gracious.  I pray that she knows and is known.  That she peeks long, long after high school.  That she is supported and understood.  That she walks in the ways of Jesus.

In these 365 days, our lives have been enriched by this little person profoundly.  We haven’t eaten out as much…. or slept in….or been spontaneous….those things will return sometime.  But for now, experiencing Rosemary Drake Buchholtz discover the world, is pure joy.

Happy birthday, sweet girl.  You make your momma and daddy so very, very grateful.

Photo credit: the Great Karis Martin

2 responses to “One year.

  1. I’m so happy to see and hear the excitement in your world. Love to your beautiful family. Happy birthday Rosemary. 🎂Flora

  2. What a beautiful journey! Enjoy the celebration. Happy Birthday Rosie!